Report from BMX Nordic Championships in Helsinki

Finland hosted the Nordic Championship of BMX for the first time in 2016. The event was held in Helsinki, in Pyöräkrossiparkki. The track was built by Elite Trax/ Tom Ritzenhaler in 2012 and reshaped by Eric Bress in 2015. BMX Helsinki -club was the organizer of the event.

For the first time the Nordic Championship of BMX was also opened to riders from Baltic Countries. The Baltic riders were not allowed to compete for the Nordic title or medals, but they were eligible for the prize money in Championship classes and trophies for finalists in challenge classes.
The Nordic event had all together 231 participants from 6 countries.
Finland 88 riders
Sweden 52 riders
Norway 45 riders
Denmark 28 riders
Estonia 16 riders
Latvia 2 riders

The event was well organized, the track was good and in top shape, and also the weather was favorable for a successful event. The main titles went to Denmark in the men’s side with Andreas Wöhlk winning the exciting elite race. In the Women’s elite competition the title went to Norway’s Hege Haga Idsöe. The Junior elite -titles went to Finland’s Martti Sciortino and Norways W3 Silje Fiskebekk. The medal table of all classes is here
Official photos and a video of the event can be found here (free to publish on Nordic website with copyright information Photos by Krister Majander)
The facebook page of the event is here
And event web page here

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